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  1.A battery test battery test through the test cell the size of the output parameters (current and voltage) its classification. To improve the utilization of the battery, make the quality standards of the battery components. If one or a few slices of low-power solar cells mounted on the solar monomer, due to the randomness of the production conditions of the cells produced by the battery performance is different, so in order to effectively performance consistent or similar battery packs together, it should be classified according to their performance parameters; will make the entire components of the output power is reduced. Therefore, in order to minimize the loss of the battery series-parallel combination of single cells similar properties as a component.

     2.Welding is generally 6 to 12 PV cells connected in series to form the string of photovoltaic cells. Traditionally, the commonly used silver flat lines that make up the battery connector, so now more and more to 96.5% copper and 3.5% silver alloy. But the use of this alloy welding, the welding temperature can not be too high, the welding time not too long, otherwise it will lead to weld crystal growth, lower intensity, or cell breakage. Then use the method of spot welding or soldering, the use of infrared thermal effect (infrared light), connected. Now generally use 60% of the sn, 38% pb, 2% of the ag plating copper flat wire (thickness of about 100 ~ 200μm). The joints need to go through the fire, infrared, hot air, laser processing. Should be a good fit and proper clearance between the lead toxic, welded joints, the joints smooth, solid. Requirements of the tandem cell spacing uniform, the same color.

    (3) .the back of cascading 36 batteries in series together to form a component of the string. Commonly used process is manual, with 36 place cells of the groove, the slot size and cell size corresponds to the slot position has been designed, the positioning of the battery depends mainly on a membrane with a board of different specifications components use a different template, the operator to use a soldering iron and solder wire to the front of the battery positive electrode (anode) is welded to the back of the "behind the battery electrode (cathode), so that in turn 36 strung together and component string of positive and negative welding leads.